Parent Testimonials


TOTH is an amazing Montessori learning facility! The teachers are loving, warm, knowledgeable, and just all around awesome! TOTH has a playground attached to the facility and the kids spend plenty of outdoors time at the playground and go on neighborhood walks which my daughter loves! My daughter is excited to go every day and asks us why she can’t go on the weekend. She also talks about her friends and teachers at home often. Since joining TOTH my daughter did great at meeting all of her milestones and we noticed a huge jump in her speaking abilities, her ability to interact with other kids, and her ability to regulate her emotions. We couldn’t ask for a better place to send our daughter; it is her home away from home.

Lilia and David S.

TOTH offers the very best in pre-K education. Our children have thrived at TOTH, and each has developed a love of learning there. We’re especially grateful that the TOTH teaching team fosters an inclusive environment for all families.

Mark L.

The greatest highlight for us is our daughter learning to read and write more independently and confidently. It amazes us how she points out words and reads them with great ease or is able to write words and spell them with very minimal help from someone else. I am super proud of her work during her kindergarten year at TOTH. TOTH has given her more tools to excel in her years beyond.

Tajuanna B. and DeVon J.

I am thrilled to share the incredible journey my 2-year-old daughter has embarked on at the TOTH Montessori. This place has truly exceeded my expectations, providing an environment that nurtures curiosity, independence, and creativity. What sets this institution apart is the individual attention given to each child, celebrating their unique abilities and interests. It’s truly an ideal place for early childhood education. The teachers and staff at TOTH are simply outstanding. They go above and beyond the role of educators by being mentors, guides, and compassionate caretakers. Their commitment to the well-being of every child shines through in every interaction. They take the time to observe and understand the needs of each little learner, adapting the curriculum to match their unique pace and learning style. The love and respect they have for every child create an incredibly nurturing environment where growth and confidence flourish.

Pedro R.

We’ve sent two of our kids to TOTH and look forward to sending the third in a couple years. The teachers are extraordinary — they truly embrace each child for who they are. Each of our (very different) kids has thrived at the school and felt totally loved and seen. The Montessori vibes have been good for our parenting and for our whole family. TOTH has given our kids a great foundation of self-confidence, independence, and love of learning to carry with them as they transition into DC schools.

Lelac A. and Eric B.