Toddler Program

In our Toddler classrooms children ages 18 months to 3 years explore a carefully prepared environment that satisfies their need for exploration while supporting the development of concentration, problem solving, self-regulation, and social responsibility. Our toddlers learn to care for themselves, others and the environment while honing their fine and gross motor skills, and exploring language, culture, music, movement and art. We currently offer a full day program and a part day program with morning and afternoon sessions. Both toddler classrooms are guided by a credentialed Montessori guides with trained assistants. Bilingual instruction is offered in Spanish in the full day classroom and Portuguese in the part day classroom. Learn More

Primary Program

Our Primary program is a 3 year program, including the kindergarten year, where children may choose to work independently or in small groups and they are free to explore the activities that most appeal to them. The Primary community is a beautiful and joyful environment featuring world-class materials representing each of the Montessori curriculum areas: practical life, sensorial development, language, mathematics, art, and the Cosmic curriculum (which includes social and life sciences). The Primary classroom is guided by a credentialed Montessorian with 2-3 assistants. Bilingual instruction in Spanish is offered by a native speaker. Learn more